Perelmann Agency is one stop solution agency for startups
We help promising/emerging startups that have limited experience in packaging idea, communicating their story publicly, interacting with angel investors, investment institutions, funds and others.
No need to hire PR, Marketing, or Communication officer(s), we got your back, and support utilizing our network.
Our services are required for
Potencial investors
Those who have an idea and who seek funding for its implementation
Startups or existing businesses that need money to scale
Those who are considering the possibility of withdrawing their project to ICO or tokenization of assets of their startup or project
How we work:
Project audit
We will examine your project using our own, author's methodology, which will allow you to accurately assess the potential of the project in terms of attracting investments.
Capital Market Analysis
  • Analysis of the project market and capital market
  • Development potential assessment
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Evaluation of potential sources of attracting money
  • Drawing up a strategy to attract investment
Product packaging
  • Product positioning and packaging for the capital market
  • Audit of the product team and processes. Consulting
Work with funds to attract investment in the project
  • Develop a strategic plan
  • Creating script box
  • Work with management and analysts of funds
  • Individualized e-mail newsletters on their own database of funds
  • Direct Investor Relations: Angels, Private Investors with Target Project Orders
  • Formation of the project legend
  • Account team support
Raising capital in the project
We've attracted $8,7m in 3 startups since summer 2018
System Analyst,
Fintech Adviser
Olga Kirjyanova
Natalia Fionycheva
Vitalia Popova
Project Manager
Dennis Sibiryakov
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